But the company supports their managers pretty well. Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition. Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via workplace diversity and empowerment. Dear Customers, if you wish to receive a quotation, we kindly ask you to fill in below form. Once the form uss express working time has been duly filled and submitted, the rates will be quoted to you. From product conception/sourcing up to the last mile delivery you will always be at ease knowing every milestone is taken care of by Logistics 9 Pte. I remember the first time after the Yiwu fair in 2013 while travelling back from Yiwu to Hong Kong, I had the good fortune of meeting Mr.Mohit at Yiwu airport.

logistics company testimonials

So, whereas some partners look for reasons to fit their customers into their preset offering, Corrigan works with us to provide a solution that works for us, our equipment suppliers, and our franchisees. Installing these machines https://starsalert.com/news/uss-express-reviews-what-real-customers-from/842186 is like conducting a logistics symphony. However, Corrigan makes it seem easy by offering suggestions, ideas, and options so that everyone’s needs are met. Working closely with our customers comes as second nature.

In My Book, Matchmaker Is The Best Broker Around

Be able to complete a job that’s assigned to you. Fill https://www.stgusa.com/ out work orders according to the task your working on.

  • Had it not been for your support and service then and now, our exemplary support to our front-line heroes and our patients would certainly have taken a completely different path.
  • I worked for the this company a while ago and can not comment on recent work environment.
  • However, Corrigan makes it seem easy by offering suggestions, ideas, and options so that everyone’s needs are met.
  • If I have a rush request, Matchmaker is always able to meet my needs, despite having to coordinate transport to a location several states away.
  • We are focused on delivering high quality, prompt, and customer-focused transport services.

I have been fortunate to find such a good company to work with. Thank you all for your continuous hard work – we are only as strong as the people we work with. Business is about being fast and efficient. No nonsense company; Fast, efficient and gets all the work done. “Our company mines Bentonite clay for use in a number of commercial products. Carrier Reps Mary and Pam were phenomenal. I was confidently told that Matchmaker could take care of my need.

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I was running that company’s 3PL transportation, and I reached out to people who had given me good service and reasonable prices over the years. Bob Skane of Matchmaker Logistics was one of those people. He and this team understand good communication and the need to be proactive, rather than reactive.

logistics company testimonials

When looking at a logistics provider, we like to know who they are, how they conduct business, if they’re financially sound, and if they are honorable. Vanderbilt 20 years ago, Matchmaker Logistics was already a respected logistics provider for the company. I had the pleasure of initially working with the founder of Matchmaker Logistics, Mr. Jim Skane, Sr. Today, I work with his sons, Bob and Jim. Both men are very professional and personable, and they run a first-class operation. These days when people have a desk, a phone, and a computer, they can call themselves a logistics provider; with Matchmaker, I know I’m getting knowledge, experience, and integrity. Corrigan has demonstrated that their ultimate goal is to help us achieve our goals.